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Rybojad Emmanuelle

Visual Artist

Born in 1991, Emmanuelle Rybojad is a French visual artist known for her intuitive artistic style and her ability to recapture objects in a way that deviates from their original purpose and lends a new perspective. She is particularly interested in space, matter, and geometry and draws inspiration from pop culture of the 1970s and the symbols of the OpArt movement.

As a self-taught artist, Emmanuelle was exposed to art from a young age and grew up in a world of artistic illusions. Her affinity for creating unique art pieces has only grown since she met her father-in-law. An avid art enthusiast and collector, Emmanuelle’s father-in-law also introduced her to the great movements that have helped shape up vintage and contemporary styles of artistic expression.

Guided by her father-in-law’s enthusiasm and support and her own passion for the craft, Emmanuelle has sought to understand all forms of art. She has the tendency to approach even the most mundane of things with a sense of curiosity that allows her to see details most people would miss. She is always looking to explore and develop art pieces that allow her to express her artistic style through a variety of mediums and materials. Currently, Emmanuelle works and lives in Paris.

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